Hotels in Bellaria Igea Marina: comfort and deals for your holidays

Situated in a strategic position just in the heart of the Adriatic Coast, at the mouth of the river Uso, Bellaria and Igea Marina belong to the same municipality while being separated by the charming Canal Harbour. An ancient fishing village, Bellaria Igea Marina is a traditional seaside resort which is able to attract large numbers of tourists all the year round thanks to the urban redevelopment it recently underwent and the remarkably wide array of activities and cultural events it stages.

Those who take advantage of targeted last minute offers to spend a weekend in Bellaria Igea Marina will have the opportunity to enjoy spring here, when the lush public parks and tree-lined avenues of the so-called Isola dei Platani (Plane-tree Island) are a riot of fragrances and colours. During the sunny summer days, visitors can go for pleasant walks across the most famous shopping districts or enjoy charming cycle excursions to the Malatesta castles situated in the Uso and Marecchia valleys. On the occasion of spring long holidays, April 25 and May 1 in Bellaria Igea Marina, the shops of the city centre are open till late at night, evenings are livened up by absorbing events and concerts and hotels propose targeted family plans which include special discounts to enter the main funfairs of Bellaria Igea Marina.

Bellaria Igea Marina offers the lovers of open-air holidays a remarkably wide array of different opportunities ranging from well-equipped sports facilities to safe children's playgrounds. On the occasion of Easter holidays in Bellaria Igea Marina, large numbers of young people flock to the beach to take part in challenging sports tournaments or gather in the Parco del Gelso in Igea Marina to have pleasant picnics by the lake. Those flocking to Bellaria Igea Marina in summer, on the occasion of the long weekend of June 2 or on August 15, will have the possibility to take part in a dazzling array of beach activities and to enjoy the bustling streets of the city centre which are scattered with plenty of different shops, the lively clubs of the sea front, the absorbing shows and events which are held along the central avenues and exciting beach parties. In June, the city is the venue for Bellaria Film Festival, when the city centre turns into a large open-air stage dedicated to Italian independent productions. During summer, the so-called “Casa Rossa”, the former residence of Alfredo Panzini, hosts interesting literary meetings and art exhibitions, as well as guided tours, excellent displays and plenty of further absorbing literary events.

Even in winter Bellaria Igea Marina stages plenty of cultural activities; Astra cinema-theatre, situated just in the heart of the so-called Isola dei Platani, stages an appreciated theatrical review and plenty of targeted shows for young people. The ancient Saracen Tower hosts the interesting Shell Museum, which gathers specimen from all over the world. On the occasion of Christmas holidays in Bellaria Igea Marina, guests will have the possibility to browse around street markets, outstanding cribs and bright decorations and then spend wild nights in the most famous discos in Bellaria Igea Marina. On New Year's Eve in Bellaria Igea Marina, clubs and hotels organize amazing parties, while both discos and the squares of the city centre offer guests the possibility to enjoy fireworks, good music and fine wines.

Business travellers in Bellaria Igea Marina, which is situated a short distance from Rimini's Exhibition Centre, will take advantage of modern services and facilities which are able to suit even their most demanding requirements. The city hosts equipped meeting rooms and conference facilities and hotels are provided with proper conference rooms and elegant restaurants where businessmen can enjoy utmost privacy and tranquillity. Whether they are travelling by their own car or not, those flocking to Bellaria Igea Marina will have the possibility to get to and about the city in an easy way, since it features efficient means of transport, long cycle paths, the railway stations of Bellaria and Igea Marina and the nearby airports of Rimini and Forlì.